October 4, 2014

Fall Bridal Shower

The daughter of a close friend is to be married in late November.
She's such a sweetie that everyone begged to honor her with a shower.
My two friends and I won! So we began to plan right away.

It's hotter than beejeezers here in Southern California, but we still went with a fall theme.
It's October. Even though Fall isn't here, it ought to be.

 photo d0e2323c-7548-47ae-8f8f-4f2ae16cd10b.jpg

Using this invitation, found on Etsy,
we settled on
Fall In Love
for our shower moniker.

 photo TalbeLengthwise33.jpg

It was decided that we'd go with the ubiquitous burlap theme.

White tableclothes and burlap toppers covered the patio tables.

 photo 679e1bf3-9aa2-4e3f-a352-9cec32643855.jpg

Potted chrysanthemums and home grown pumpkins were placed down the center of the table.

The mums did double duty, serving as prizes later in the day.

Each guest took home a small burlap pouch filled with candied pecans.
The decorative leaf served as a place card.
As the luncheon progressed, the leaves were collected and used in a drawing,
which took place periodically.

 photo PlaceSetting33.jpg

A dispenser of pomegranate martinis stood at the ready.

 photo 76fa839b-5dbd-483e-a1e0-9e4178bf1e62.jpg

The tree image from the shower invitation was used to create Signature Drink charms (aka: wine charms).

 photo WineTagsCloseUp00.jpg

Bottled water provided some relief from the 90-plus degree weather.
Custom labels announced the couple's wedding date.
 photo BottledWaterTub00.jpg

 photo 9a308ee5-4cfe-4bb6-8cbe-252edb752825.jpg

Burlap chair back covers, printed with the guest of honor's soon-to-be new initial,
helped to soften the look of the institutional folding chairs.

 photo 74f6bde9-0c36-4912-8b67-313a7f001d3d.jpg

Heat forced the buffet table inside.
The menu consisted of three types of sandwiches,
green salad, fruit salad, deviled eggs,
white wine, and water.
 photo BuffetTable22.jpg

A burlap garland hung at the far end of the patio, where the opening of the gifts took place.
As the bride-to-be unwrapped her treasures, chocolate or carrot cake cupcakes were offered to the onlookers.

 photo ecfbd420-1d8e-49fa-a8ad-bfeb6a7647f1.jpg

A Final Look
 photo TableLengthwise44.jpg


  1. So glad you posted this! Nice to hear from you again and especially when you've shared such a wonderful bridal shower! Love all the details from the burlap décor to the wine charms. Great little pouches for the favours and the initial on the burlap chair covers adds a nice personal touch as well. Great job at continuing the theme throughout. Beautiful patio space, is this at your place? Thanks for sharing!


  2. DD,
    It's so nice of you to comment on the post. I haven't been very involved in a long time. A major illness contributed to my lack of blogging enthusiasm, but I'm back in full force.

  3. Looks fantastic Denise!!! Your attention to detail really showed. You are so creative and I loved the look.

  4. So elegant - yet all those elements you brought together are so doable. You have encouraged me to be less afraid if my daughter decides she doesn't want to elope!


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