December 17, 2013

Little Christmas Gifts for Each Dinner Guest

Looking for inexpensive Christmas dinner favors? Me too.

I like to give a small gift to my dinner guests on Christmas Eve.
This year, I'm having over 20 guests. Multiply 20 by the cost of each gift, and the total can get pretty costly.

I came across these little succulent plants at a Farmers' Market last weekend ($1 each)
and decided these were to be my presents.
I dressed them up with a little sign and some red spray paint on some of the pots.
 photo e27ecc67-31ce-4b2f-8aaa-82292f60073d.jpg

I plan to place a plant at each place setting.
Sometime toward the end of the dinner, I'll read the following poem:

Please accept this tiny plant.
It’s one that you will find,
May have a hue or funny form,
That’s often quite maligned.

Some say these plants are real weird.
I say, “They are unique.”
And I am hoping you will find
They’re modern and très chic.

Succulents are worry free,
From time to time, you dust ‘em.
But they can grow on air alone.
And water just might rust ‘em.

In the Land of Practical,
Their purpose is not blurry,
They add a touch of Interesting,
Without the need for worry.

So take yours home, choose its place,
It thrives in any site.
In a corner, shade’s OK,
But it prefers the light.

And don’t forget from whence it came,
For this you can believe:
We are so thankful you are here
Tonight, on Christmas Eve.

I'm also taking a number of these to a retired teacher pot luck, so I wrote an alternative ending.
You can substitute the words "our house" for the person's name if your party is not on Christmas Eve.

Alternative ending:

And as it grows (or maybe not),
You’ll see it and remember,
How we came to laugh and eat
At Jeanne’s this December.

I'm linking to Cuisine Kathleen's 91st Let's Dish.


  1. What a great idea, Denise! You made them look so pretty too. Merry Christmas!...Christine

  2. That is a super idea! Just so cute!



  3. What a clever idea. The plants looks really cute and I enjoyed the poem

  4. What a wonderful idea to share the succulents as a gift for your party guests. The poem is so cute and will be a great idea when presenting the gift. Have a very Merry Christmas!


  5. What a wonderful idea, and very pretty! And the poem is great! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Who wouldn't love to receive one of these! Cute poem and little Merry Christmas signs.

  7. Nailed it!!!! What a great idea! And the little signs are so cute. They have a vintage look. I know your party will score big!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  8. What a great idea! The signs are just darling! You should have showed us how you made them! You know we like to copy! :)
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  9. Wonderful idea and great poem!


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