December 23, 2013

Christmas Party Places

We've set up a couple of Entertain Yourself Areas for our guests on Christmas Eve.

 photo file-46.jpg
Party Place One
First, there's the ubiquitous Photo Op Center.
Although there are dozens of free props to download on the internet, I took advantage of Hallmark and Etsy. In addition, I raided my grandchildren's dress-up bin for hats, scarves, and clown noses In the end, we had plenty of props.
Christmas Booth photo file-40.jpg

It's always a good idea to practice ahead of time. I made several adjustments (the height of my background and lamp placement). The lighting wasn't great, but it was improved with a little tweaking.

 photo file-54.jpg photo 73051172-ab7c-4268-a8b1-1ffe290c82b0.jpg
 photo file-49.jpg

I found that moving in for a tight shot was the best.
 photo file-50.jpg photo file-53.jpg
You can encourage shy guests to pose for pictures by telling them these pictures are not beauty shots, so they can feel free to make silly faces.

 photo file-51.jpg photo file-52.jpg

The background frame's feet are held in place with plastic ziploc bags (double bagged) filled with sand.
I provided two stools in case a number of people the same height wished to be photographed in two rows.
 photo file-44.jpg photo file-43.jpg

Party Place Two
On the outdoor chalkboard, normally used to display the menu, there was a Name-That-Christmas-Movie Quiz.
The name of two actors and the date they appeared in a movie were displayed. It was the reader's job to name the Christmas movie in which they appeared.
Old Mid-century Movies were listed for the seniors in attendance.
Movies that are always telecast every December were included for the Thirty-Something and Under Group.
Closeup Top photo c17c399b-c183-4f8f-87b2-5fdf38bd44cb.jpg

Answers are displayed at the bottom of the chalkboard. CloseupBottom photo ff0a55ed-e40c-4200-b0d8-bd631351f72d.jpg

 photo bed46529-a10e-4f7a-b7ee-3db1d1aa9116.jpg

This was a last minute idea. I had about 30 minutes to put it together.
How I left out It's a Wonderful Life, I'll never know.
There was room to include some animated movies too. Just too rushed, I guess.

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