October 1, 2013

Why Did the Skeleton Miss the Halloween Ball?

Because he had no body to dance with!
I just love stupid Halloween jokes.

You can still eat outdoors in Southern California if you can find shelter from the Santa Ana breezes.
In fact, some nights you may WANT a breeze.

This skeleton arm centerpiece is one of my favorite Halloween decorations.
I use it every year.
 photo file-1.jpg

A large plastic glass is wired to the skeletal hand.
Colored water passes for a bloody cocktail.

SkeletonArmTablescape photo baseExample.jpg

The skeleton was bolted to a board. The glass of water adds significant weight to the upper portion of the centerpiece which causes the arm to tip over. Make sure your wooden base is long enough to add some additional weight (bookends, heavy books, brick, etc.) to counterbalance the arm.

An alternative solution is to mount the arm on a wedged-shaped base so that a glass of water is needed to keep the arm from falling backwards.

 photo 67ec3c7d-0ec6-4867-8959-ff8f4a8826f5.jpg

The bloody wine glasses are made from Dollar Tree glasses.
Hold the wine glass horizontally by its stem and rotate it, all the while squirting a ring of red glass paint around the outside.
Sit it upright and let the paint dribble down.

Little plastic skeletons help tie up the black and white napkins.
The skeletons came from an old skeleton garland.
Lots of them had lost a limb or two, so I cut the garland apart and used the skeletons that were still in tact for napkin rings.
 photo file-4.jpg

Red metal picnic plates serve as chargers. Red metal bowls join with white Heller melamine to complete the setting. There's no possibility of breakage using these babies! Photobucket Candle holders are milk glass goblets.
Isn't this fun??!!!!!


  1. Love your spooky, but cute table! What a clever centerpiece idea! I love that you made your goblets!

  2. Very fun! You are so creative!
    You must be the best Nana!

  3. How cute, I love the tutorials on how you made the elements of this spooky tablescape work.
    Great job of spooking things up. Such fun to look at.....Candy


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