August 12, 2013

Zoe's Diner

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We invited the neighbors over for a barbecue a couple of weeks ago and I turned our backyard bar area into a faux diner.

After that, the faux diner idea sort of took on a life of its own.

Here's a look at the upgrade . . .
I ordered two more plates from Now we can serve six instead of four.
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 photo placematcollage7.jpg

Remember the diner placemats along major travel routes during the 50s? They were flimsy paper things with a map showing the location of the diner and the main tourist attractions along the route.

Welcome to Zoe's Place. Feel free to take the complimentary map with you as you continue your travels.

 photo ZoesPlacematFinal9.jpg
FedEx printed the 11 by 17-inch placemats. I wanted 13 by 19, but the price for anything over 11 inches was astronomical. Turns out, 11 by 17 is just fine.

 photo file-3.jpg

Some checker-rimmed plates and old-style coffee shop mugs add to the look.

 photo file-4.jpg

An old wallbox had been sitting in the garage for almost 10 years. Clearly, it was time to clean off the dust and either sell it
or fix it.

I found a place within driving distance that repairs them.

It now sits at the end of the counter (formally known as the bar).

The wallbox is connected to an old iPod and a set of powered speakers.

A dish of nickels and dimes sits nearby, inviting guests to pick a song.

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Now for the fun part - which is of little interest to anyone but the people who live at my house.

The picture at the right shows my original menu design.

Below . . .

The new menu cover.
 photo 5e4b7c29-5e3a-4193-8399-2bc8f103cae6.jpg
Yes, I agree. She is just about the cutest thing on two legs. Grandchildren are wonderful!
I found a pattern for a no-sew 50s waitress costume on the internet and managed to get her in it without doing too much damage to the outfit or her usual morning-time good mood.

A history of the place was invented and written on the back of the menu.
 photo ZoesBackofMenu.jpg

The inside of the menu looks as though there are many choices, but a closer look says otherwise.
I keep a template on my computer and will change the menu servings as the evening's meal dictates.
 photo ZoesINSIDEMenu4.jpg

Who's old enough to remember Flo and Mel's Diner?

Dinner plates: Homer Laughin China, 4 yard sale, 2
Red salad plates: Crate and Barrel
Black bowls: Yard Sale
Red flatware: Ginkgo,
Mugs and Catsup/Salt and Pepper/Menu Holder: I think I found these on Amazon. It's been a while.
Straw dispenser: gift from my mother, years ago
Pink T-shirts, felt, and lace: JoAnn Fabrics
Placemats and Menus: Graphics from Johnny Rockets menus and advertisements, found on internet

I'm connecting to Alphabe-Thursday and
Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish #77

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