December 5, 2012

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Bars seem to be all over the internet these days.
I'm wondering if they're an extension of the Candy Bars that have come to be so popular at wedding receptions.
At any rate, I saw one that used an old bottle carrier on the blog Clean and Scentsible and had to try my hand at making one like it.


Having already owned a bottle carrier
(which is probably why the Clean and Scentsible one caught my eye), I gathered up some sweet ingredients and set one up in the kitchen.

The chalkboard is made from a piece of cardboard covered in chalkboard paint and trimmed with red duct tape.
It's light-weight and sticks to the upper cabinet with painter's tape. CocoaBarLongView
Two-inch blocks (painted red in keeping with the holiday),
were placed under the back three bottles to give them additional height.

The back right bottle has been replaced with something a little more potent than cocoa.
I made the red bottle stoppers, but they are quite unattractive.
I've ordered some big, fat corks to keep the chocolate mix and marshmallows fresh.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute hot chocolate bar! Love that little chalkboard! Life to the full, Melissa


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