April 14, 2012

Income Tax Day

Are you feeling beat up after filing your taxes?
Perhaps you are a bit black and blue from the experience.
Believe me, you are not alone. But don't fight the feeling. Go with it.
Own it! After all, it's unlikely you'll own very much else after you write that big check to the IRS.
Take charge and complete the following lesson:

How to Create the Proper April 15th Tablescape

Step 1. Start with the appropriate dinner plates - they should announce the type of dinner you are now able
to afford after filing your taxes.

Step 2. Add 1040 placecards and mood-appropriate placemats (black).

Step 3. Since you no longer have the real thing, print your own money and apply it toward new napkin rings. (This skill may come in handy if you're audited and suddenly need more cash.)


Step 4. Pretend everything is hunky-dory because you are part of the 1% and have your own money tree.

Continue your delusions by singing along with
Rosemary Cooney.

Step 5. Keeping one foot planted firmly in reality, sit down to a Hamburger Helper or Top Ramon entree with a green salad grown from your own garden.

Step 6. If you filed jointly, create this arrangement for two, and enjoy the whole depressing experience with your partner. After all, misery does love company.
P.S. If you are at a table for two, turn off the lights and use a couple of candles. I know you won't be feeling very romantic at this point, but face it, you can't afford the electricity.

White dinner plates (acting as chargers): Apilco, Williams-Sonoma
White salad plates: Apilco, Williams-Sonoma
Blue Plate Special plates: The Original Red Plate Co., Red, White and Blue Boutique, Newport, CA.
Black bowls: no markings, Yard Sale
Blue and White Flatware: Pottery Barn Outdoor Flatware, Pottery Barn (I hate these! The spoons are too big.)
Money tree: terra cotta planter, bamboo stem, styrofoam ball, dollar bills, straight pins


  1. LOL! The 'Blues' & 'Black & Blues' are sure appropriate for this day! Great 1% money tree ...I'll never 'grow' that one! A fun table, Denise! Love the placecards! TFS! Jeanne S.

  2. Hi lovely Tax Lady.
    We all fell the same way at Tex time!! Your tablescape is done with a lot of fun !! I also need to grow a money tree, like the one you have sweet lady!!! Can I get it at Home Depot??
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my French Dinning, hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.
    XXOO Diane

  3. Perfect story to go along with the perfect table! Loved every detail. Off to plant me one of those money trees ;)


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