April 10, 2012

Though April Showers May Come Your Way

They bring the flowers that bloom in May.

Since we've been having such beautiful weather here in Southern California, I planned a little outdoor brunch for next Thursday. I invited some of my retired colleagues that I haven't seen in a while. About two seconds after everyone confirmed they could come, the weatherman predicted a 20 degree drop in the temperature by Thursday. Naturally!

Perhaps it was the table's theme that brought the cloudy skies. Photobucket


April showers really do . . .

. . . bring May flowers.



The potted petunias serve as place holders.

Each guest will take her garden with her when she returns home.


It was a nice surprise to discover that the slightest breeze made the raindrops spin.

Photos of the construction are below.

A chalkboard above the buffet displays the menu.
Dollie umbrellas are hung with thread.Photobucket


The beverage area also houses a speaker from which "rain songs" are broadcast to keep everyone in the April Showers mood.


Cloud materials: Polystyrene insulation, Lowe's; blue cardstock, Staples
Dinner Plates: Lenox Floral Fusion, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Pink flower bowls: Lenox Floral Fusion, fuchsia, Macy's
Napkins: dishtowels, The Dollar Tree
Napkin rings: made from silk flowers, Michael's
Flatware: Hammered Pattern, Pottery Barn
Green stemware: I can't remember.
Polka dot garden boots planter: Exclusive, Glendale, CA
Yellow place holder planters: The Dollar Tree
Hanging umbrellas: Doll umbrellas for 18" dolls, Amazon

PhotobucketA Stroll Thru Life
for Table Top Tuesday
PhotobucketCuisine Kathleen
for Wednesday Night's Let's Dish!
PhotobucketThe Style Sisters
for Centerpiece Wednesday
100Between Naps
on the Porch

for Tablescape Thursday

Hanging Raindrop Centerpiece

Inspiration for this mobile came from here and from here.

PhotobucketPhotobucketUsing an electric kitchen knife, one inch polystyrene insulation was cut into a cloud shape.
Use the Tom Sawyer Method of Persuasion to get the cloud painted. ("First one done with her homework gets to paint the cloud.")


Four lengths of string were glued to the top of the cloud to create hangers.

Large raindrops were printed on blue card stock. Four raindrops, folded lengthwise, are glued together to made one 3D drop. The drops were glued around thread and sewn up through the insulation, using a yarn sewing needle.


Flower Napkin Rings

Twist the stem of the flower around twice. Cut of excess.

(I used the excess to make stakes for my flower garden place holders.)


  1. So creative! I love the raindrops and the the colored marbles on the table to look like rain. I have never seen your dinnerware pattern before but I LOVE it! Perfect song selections too. Not one detail left out OA (visiting from GW).

  2. This is really wonderful! I love the raindrops falling and the boots with the flowers. It's all just terrific.

  3. What a fun party!! I love your theme and all the colors. Thank You for sharing and have a fabulous rest of the week!


  4. Ahhh...I am singing 'Raindrops Falling on my head..." So very 'heavenly' ...good friends, music & food...who could ask for anything more! Love the 'take-home' containers!
    Jeanne S.

  5. Wow, your creative genes have come through again. This is such a darling set up to share with colleagues. Sweet idea making the cloud with rain drops above the table.

    All will feel special with your potted plants and name tags. Who but you would think to use the end of flower stem for the name card pokes. BTW thanks for sharing your napkin ring idea. So clever.

    The little boots planter is so darn cute. Menu, buffets and table all look great. Your an inspiration to all.


  6. What a fun table...love the cloud/raindrop mobile...how creative.

  7. Denise, this is wonderful! You are so creative! i love the area where you have the table. You must get a lot of use from it.
    The boots, the plants, so many wonderful touches! Now please tell me where you got those adorable little umbrellas! I have a shower coming up.
    Thanks for linking this to Let's Dish!

    1. Kathleen,
      The umbrellas were party favors for an American Girl Doll Party. My granddaughter has two dolls, so two are hers. The third one was left over, as not every girl could come. I just checked, and they are still available from Amazon (search "doll umbrella"), but they've gone up $2 each! Still, we weren't paying American Girl prices, which were probably more expensive than adult umbrellas.

      They are very high quality.

      Your Let's Dish Parties are great. Like all the little tidbits you share with us every Wednesday.

  8. Did you make the black board, or is it dry erase?

    1. The blackboard was originally a mirror. The mirror was removed, which left the back and the frame. The frame was painted black and the back received three coats of blackboard chalk. I use liquid chalk to write the menu. It has to be removed with a wet rag. The words should be removed after use. I got lazy one time and didn't wipe off the board for more than a week. Had to give it another coat of chalkboard paint.

  9. How creative! And what a nice place to have a little party!


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