April 26, 2012

Lemonade Stand

Our town is holding its annual Lemon Festival this coming weekend. Driving by all the banners and signs posted around town reminded me of last summer's fund raiser in which the girls and their brother did their small part to raise money to support girls soccer.

Try as I may, I've been unable to connect this post with tablescapes in any way. Still, I decided to go ahead with the posting. I've noticed that there appears to be a considerable amount of interest in our PVC playhouse and puppet theater.


Maybe this lemonade stand will be of interest as well.

In order to make one like this, you must order your Lemonade Stand Kit from that world famous toy company, Grandma's Warehouse, Inc. The kit comes with an instruction booklet and a rubber mallet. You supply your own paint, ice chest, lemonade dispenser, and balloons.

Since the customers who acquire the kit may be reading at a first grade level, the instructions are mostly pictorial.
No! Wait! That's not what I meant to say.
Since this kit rivals many of the up-scale pieces of furniture found in the IKEA catalogue, IKEA-type instructions are included.
Examples of instruction booklet pages are found below:



Working slowly but surely, you'll get to the fabric panels and sign.InstructionsPageMiddle

And, finally you come to the last step, which they actually did first.

Look up pictures of cartoon lemon figures on the internet for ideas.file-7
Use twice as many cans of spray paint than is really necessary.
Tongue position helps with the painting. Don't forget to argue over who gets control of the paint pen.

file-18 align=file-19

Don't read carefully so that you end up putting the canopy on upside down - twice!

Attract customers.

Wait in the hot sun for drive-in trade.

To PVC Playhouse and Haunted House
To PVC Puppet Theater
I'm linking to


April 19, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Happy Earth Day!
I'm joining Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish. Although I'm a little late to the table (pun intended), I'm accepting her Earth Day Challenge.

Placemats are made from artificial grass with a cord edging. Napkins match the edging. Chargers are terra cotta dishes that normally catch drips from potted plants. Napkin rings are made to represent small terra cotta pots.



Place card holders and candle holders were made from a tree that had to be removed some years ago. The place cards were printed on yellow card stock.

The floral font used on the place cards is semi-replicated on the menu board that hangs over the buffet.

Be kind to our planet.

PhotobucketCuisine Kathleen
for Wednesday Night's Let's Dish!

Yellow plates with basket weave rim: Home, the local thrift store
Blue salad/soup bowls: No markings. Can't remember the details.
Yellow flatware: Splendente Italian Flatware, NapaStyle
Artificial turf placemats: artificial turf, Lowe's, cording fabric, JoAnn Fabrics
Green napkins: fabric, JoAnn Fabrics
Green stemware: : Certified International, Olive Green, Amazon.com
Terra cotta pot napkin rings: eBay
Blue earth balls: CM School Supply, Montclair, CA
Beach ball globes: Amazon

April 14, 2012

Income Tax Day

Are you feeling beat up after filing your taxes?
Perhaps you are a bit black and blue from the experience.
Believe me, you are not alone. But don't fight the feeling. Go with it.
Own it! After all, it's unlikely you'll own very much else after you write that big check to the IRS.
Take charge and complete the following lesson:

How to Create the Proper April 15th Tablescape

Step 1. Start with the appropriate dinner plates - they should announce the type of dinner you are now able
to afford after filing your taxes.

Step 2. Add 1040 placecards and mood-appropriate placemats (black).

Step 3. Since you no longer have the real thing, print your own money and apply it toward new napkin rings. (This skill may come in handy if you're audited and suddenly need more cash.)


Step 4. Pretend everything is hunky-dory because you are part of the 1% and have your own money tree.

Continue your delusions by singing along with
Rosemary Cooney.

Step 5. Keeping one foot planted firmly in reality, sit down to a Hamburger Helper or Top Ramon entree with a green salad grown from your own garden.

Step 6. If you filed jointly, create this arrangement for two, and enjoy the whole depressing experience with your partner. After all, misery does love company.
P.S. If you are at a table for two, turn off the lights and use a couple of candles. I know you won't be feeling very romantic at this point, but face it, you can't afford the electricity.

White dinner plates (acting as chargers): Apilco, Williams-Sonoma
White salad plates: Apilco, Williams-Sonoma
Blue Plate Special plates: The Original Red Plate Co., Red, White and Blue Boutique, Newport, CA.
Black bowls: no markings, Yard Sale
Blue and White Flatware: Pottery Barn Outdoor Flatware, Pottery Barn (I hate these! The spoons are too big.)
Money tree: terra cotta planter, bamboo stem, styrofoam ball, dollar bills, straight pins

April 10, 2012

Though April Showers May Come Your Way

They bring the flowers that bloom in May.

Since we've been having such beautiful weather here in Southern California, I planned a little outdoor brunch for next Thursday. I invited some of my retired colleagues that I haven't seen in a while. About two seconds after everyone confirmed they could come, the weatherman predicted a 20 degree drop in the temperature by Thursday. Naturally!

Perhaps it was the table's theme that brought the cloudy skies. Photobucket


April showers really do . . .

. . . bring May flowers.



The potted petunias serve as place holders.

Each guest will take her garden with her when she returns home.


It was a nice surprise to discover that the slightest breeze made the raindrops spin.

Photos of the construction are below.

A chalkboard above the buffet displays the menu.
Dollie umbrellas are hung with thread.Photobucket


The beverage area also houses a speaker from which "rain songs" are broadcast to keep everyone in the April Showers mood.


Cloud materials: Polystyrene insulation, Lowe's; blue cardstock, Staples
Dinner Plates: Lenox Floral Fusion, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Pink flower bowls: Lenox Floral Fusion, fuchsia, Macy's
Napkins: dishtowels, The Dollar Tree
Napkin rings: made from silk flowers, Michael's
Flatware: Hammered Pattern, Pottery Barn
Green stemware: I can't remember.
Polka dot garden boots planter: Exclusive, Glendale, CA
Yellow place holder planters: The Dollar Tree
Hanging umbrellas: Doll umbrellas for 18" dolls, Amazon

PhotobucketA Stroll Thru Life
for Table Top Tuesday
PhotobucketCuisine Kathleen
for Wednesday Night's Let's Dish!
PhotobucketThe Style Sisters
for Centerpiece Wednesday
100Between Naps
on the Porch

for Tablescape Thursday

Hanging Raindrop Centerpiece

Inspiration for this mobile came from here and from here.

PhotobucketPhotobucketUsing an electric kitchen knife, one inch polystyrene insulation was cut into a cloud shape.
Use the Tom Sawyer Method of Persuasion to get the cloud painted. ("First one done with her homework gets to paint the cloud.")


Four lengths of string were glued to the top of the cloud to create hangers.

Large raindrops were printed on blue card stock. Four raindrops, folded lengthwise, are glued together to made one 3D drop. The drops were glued around thread and sewn up through the insulation, using a yarn sewing needle.


Flower Napkin Rings

Twist the stem of the flower around twice. Cut of excess.

(I used the excess to make stakes for my flower garden place holders.)

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