February 2, 2012

National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

PhotobucketAccording to unreliable sources, a mother in up-state
New York, hoping to help snap her children out of the winter doldrums, lit upon the idea of declaring the first Saturday in February as Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Her two children are all grown up now, but the word has spread, and EICFB Day has been celebrated in households all over the United States and other countries around the globe.

Here's how you go about celebrating
this most honored and sacred day.


Begin by setting a
Wake Me Up Table.

No monotones.
No subtle arrangements.

Remember, you are appealing
to the hyperactive crowd.
The table should say,
"Come sit here and
prepare yourself
for a sugar overload!"

Include some goofy decorations.
Although pink string lights are optional, they are highly encouraged.


Rolled napkins, topped with name place flags, guide the dairy-lovers to their places.


Ceramic ice cream bowls hold whipped cream and syrup.
Add some oh-so-nutritious berries to the table
in order to prevent Child Protective Services from revoking your Grandma License.


Healthy? No.
Fun? Absolutely!

Waffles, topped with ice cream fried eggs and a side of bacon,
tie the whole breakfast/ice cream thing together.


One more look before the How-To Section:

Ice Cream Bacon and Eggs
1. Allow the ice cream to soften just enough to remove it as a solid cylinder. Cut slices with an electric knife.
Place the slices on a lined cookie sheet and allow to freeze again.
2. Color a small amount of vanilla ice cream yellow. Place back in the freezer to harden.
3. Take the yellow ice cream out of the freezer and form yolks. Place them on top of the white vanilla slices. Cover the ice cream eggs with plastic wrap and return to freezer.Photobucket4. Although any chocolate ice cream will do, I found that Dreyer's Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundae has nice variations in color and simulates the striations in bacon fairly well. PhotobucketPress the chocolate ice cream between two sheets of plastic wrap. I would suggest NOT using a rolling pin. Use your hands. Keep it thick or it won't pop off the wrap very well. After refreezing, cut into strips.
5. Use chocolate sprinklers for pepper. Print flags on yellow card stock.

Tablecloth: fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Placemats: fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Dinner plates: HOME stamped on back, found at the local Mennonite Thrift Store
Red stemmed glasses: no information, inherited
Red flatware: Splendente Italian Flatware, NapaStyle
Ceramic ice cream cup bowls: Longaberger Hostess gift, eBay
Pink flower salad plates: Villeroy & Boch, Wonderful World Pink

I am linking to:
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  1. This is just crazy cute! And so imaginative! Love it.

  2. So cheerful, so clever! Your blog really captured my eye. Sunny

  3. My kind of holiday! Love this (and so will my son : )

    Your blog is great!

    Danielle xo

  4. I'm screamin' here...cause this is just so darn CUTE, OA! Love the 'dotted' colorful linens & the folded cone-shaped napkins! Just everything! GKids will be screamin', too! We all scream for ice cream!!! Jeanne S.

  5. Can I come for breakfast too? Wow! What a terrific gma you are! I love the polka dot tablecloth and the way you rolled up the napkins. Those pink lights and the bright ice cream cones are so fun. Kay

  6. What a fun breakfast event!! I love the bacon.... Who knew!!

  7. Everything is beautiful. Great job!!

  8. That is adorable Denise! So very clever. I have to go back and see if you have been posting and catch up!

  9. I love, love, love this table keep up the good work

  10. Okay, do tell where the pink lights came from-- we wanted some this Christmas. And..I got a chuckle out of you recommending which ice cream best simulates bacon - ha! - I'm sure that's what the ice cream co. had in mind. Your ice cream fried eggs are just so cute, I know your kids had a ball.


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