January 26, 2012

Raven Cages and Valentine Vignettes

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary . . .

Yes, I know it's not October.
The fact is, Sunday, January 28 marks the 167 anniversary of the publication of "The Raven," and that reminded me of a craft project I did a few years ago.
I came across the idea on Bungalow.
Basically, it's a homemade wire cloche, fashioned from chicken wire and bits and pieces of left over crafting junk.

This project was originally intended as a Halloween decoration, but as all cloche lovers know, it can be used throughout the year by simply changing it's contents and surrounding adornments.


In addition to a couple of feet of chicken wire,
all you'll need is a little spray paint,
something for the top notch,
a wire cutter, needle nose pliers,
and the time.

If you make this, wear protective eye gear.
Let me say that one more time.

I own two glass cloches, but there are times when only this wire cloche will do.
The valentine dessert dish inside the cloche is really a tad too wide for either of my glass cloches. The sides of the wire cloche are very forgiving and the plate slips inside nicely.

It makes a great patio cloche too. The wire gives it an outdoorsy feel, and there's no fear of breakage.

Best of all, if you need to tweak the items inside the cloche, you can use a skewer or tweezers to help arrange things.

After forming the chicken wire into a tube, make vertical cuts all around the top. Fold the wire strips over onto each other.
Trim the excess wire a little at a time.

A couple of balls will help to
form a smooth dome.ball foundation

This is a much easier than it might appear.
The biggest problem is that it's tedious. Snipping and crimping, snipping and crimping. Proceed slowly.

A drawer pull was originally used at the top. A paper mache ball, painted the appropriate holiday colors, slips over the drawer pull when needed.

Once upon a midday chilly, while I wandered willy-nilly,
Through many a quaint and curious forum, devoted to forgotten crafts,
While I nodded, nearly dozing, there flashed on screen, quite imposing,
As though the spirits were proposing, this project with its various drafts.
“Tis very clever,“ I muttered. “But there’s no steps, no helpful graphs -
Still, I'll try it, just for laughs.”

(Edgar, eat your heart out.)


I am linking to:
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  1. Such a cute idea! That's the way to get your money's worth from a decorative item! One question, though...should I wear protective eye gear? ;-) I take it something bad happened that really made you want to get that point across! :-)

  2. I hope this is ok, but I passed along the Liebster Award our blog was given to your blog. I am just so impressed by it, that I felt compelled to spread the word about your ideas and your blog to others.
    You absolutely don't have to participate. I wouldn't expect you to. You don't know me or follow our blog. If you don't want me to include your blog I will take it down. I intended it as a big compliment and I hope you take it as such.


    Eldarose from http://RE-inventedstyle.blogspot.com

    1. Reba and Eldarose,
      Thank you so much for the Liebster Award. Unfortunately, I am a bit crazy these days. My husband is very sick (not life-threatening, but hard on him, as he is in a great deal of pain). I use my blogging as a sort of get-away time. It is relaxing for me. I don't post too often, as you noted in your write-up. I hesitate to get involved with other bloggers at this time in my life. I'm sure you can understand.

      As a retired school teacher, I'd like to compliment you on your writing skills. So nice to read succinct, well thought out, and informative work.

      Again, thank you for acknowledging my blog. It warmed my heart.


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