November 29, 2010

Ernie the Tree-Trimming Elf

and Friends

The North Pole's 732nd Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held on December 1.
Ernie the Tree-Trimming Elf has been working around the clock.


Ernie must have every tree ready
before Santa can throw the switch.

The tree in the center of
Noel Plaza is complete.
So too are the trees that line
either side of the Reindeer Runway,
the tree in the rotunda of
the Toy Design Building
and the tree in Mrs. Santa's kitchen.

Ernie has just one tree left to complete: the Tabletop Tree in the Elf Dining Hall.

Hamilton Elf, the North Pole's chief accountant, recently sent a memo encouraging all department heads to use LED lighting. Citing a frozen economy (Is there any other kind at the North Pole?), Hamilton reasoned that LEDs would help lower energy costs.
In addition, LEDs produce almost no heat,
a quality greatly appreciated by an elf who remembers a time when trees were lit with candles,
and the devastation caused by The Great Toy Factory Fire of 1584.


Ernie has his own way of doing things.
(After all, he's had hundreds of years
to develop an efficient decorating routine.)

His first step is to place the tree topper
(always a big gold star) on the tree,
unlike most tree-trimmers who
save this step for last.

While he works his way
down the tree,

twin elves Martha and Stewart
set the table below.


Over 630 elves live and work at the North Pole. (The exact number is never revealed.) With so many mouths to feed, it’s been a bit of a problem keeping full place settings of any one pattern. (The Rugby Equipment-Testing Elves are particularly hard on the stemware.) So Martha and Stewart have learned to mix and match whenever possible.


Yellow flatware and red wine goblets (Yes, elves are allowed wine at dinner.) are paired with white chargers. White flatware rests along side the yellow chargers and the String Light goblets.

Martha arranges the napkins so they spill out of heavy red water goblets,


while Stewart makes sure the
Tree Light salt and peppers
are available at both ends of the table.


Soon all will be ready for
the Tree Lighting Ceremony.


Tablecloth and placemats: Target
Yellow chargers: Michael's, sprayed yellow
White chargers: Aspen, Crate and Barrel
Dinner plates: Red Coupe, Crate and Barrel
Salad Plates: Christmas Light Dessert Plates, West Elm
String Light Goblets: Christmas Lights,
Red Wine goblets: Thrift Store
Red water goblets: Inherited, no information
Yellow Flatware: Splendente Italian Flatware, NapaStyle
Salt and Peppers: Pfaltzgraff
Alpine Tree: Tai Pan Trading Company
Napkins: fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts
String lights: GE 200 LED C-9, Lowe’s
LED Tree Topper: WalMart
Place markers: Tree ornaments, Big Lots
Red ladder: trim, dowels, red paint, Lowe’s

Elf: Help me out here.
This is a vintage elf, made in the
style of the Coca Cola Santas.
One of his hands is fashioned so
that he can hold a small coke bottle,
just like the coke santa dolls.
If you know anything about this doll,
please let me know.


  1. Love this! Wonderful table!!

  2. "Oh Denise"... I LOVE THIS! You took me RIGHT back to my childhood. I GREW up with those elves from the 50s! although all ours were hugging their knees! Your table is incredible.
    Hugs, Donna

  3. What a wonderful and fun post!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. That is adorable! The table is so neat. I have never seen such a cute idea for a Christmas table. It belongs in a tablescape event. Just wonderful!!

  5. Such a cute story and table, lovin' your lights plates-enjoy:@)

  6. So enjoyed my first time visit to your very entertaining and festive post. Ernie is certainly a busy elf and has your table looking absolutely the hit of Christmas Table Settings! Love the String of Lights theme in the dishes and centerpiece.

  7. What a great post! Love the story and fun behind it all! I'm going to join as your newest follower, hope you will come visit me too! Sandi

  8. Everything is so pretty... Bernie is happy helping making your Christmas Tree a fab one.

    Happy TTT...

  9. What a colorful setting! Cute.
    The Bavarian Christmas linky party is now open-won’t you come and join us at and while you are there join the give-a-way going on today.

  10. Very cute! You are so creative and thanks for the information on making the table leaf...that will come in handy when I hopefully someday soon use lights on my table.

  11. The elf is adorable, and so is your table! So colorful and the napkins you made, perfect!

  12. WONDERFUL!!!

    You had me smiling from beginning to end! I just love this whole post, and the decorating and tablescaping is almost gravy on the taters because of your fun writing.

    The table looks marvelous and HAPPY. About the elf, I'm not sure. My mom had some back when I was a kid, but I think hers were thinner than yours.

    Love it.

  13. What a fun table and story! Love the lights and the salad plates. Joni

  14. I love this! My 9 year old daughter saw it too and she said this was the best one! Congrats...she's a tough critic! :) My fav is the light strand, love, love em'!

  15. Susan asked us to visit the person before us and after us and I am sooo glad I did! Not only did I come for a visit, but I am your newest follower!

    What a clever table, I especially like Martha and Stewart's table (such clever elf names.) The napkins, the light plates, the lights in the center piece and the tree are all absolutely wonderful.

    Come by and visit me too!

  16. I just read your comment on mine, you visited before I even mentioned it!!!! We built out under the stairs in our basement for our tree and the nutcrackers snuggle in there right next to it.

    Yes, I think anyone could easily make the serving tray with an old nutcracker and even just a plate. Let me know if you do it.

  17. Hello Denise,
    that is a very humorous blog post and I love it. The elfs are so busy and funny. I have never seen such salad plates or glasses but it is a very happy design for all occasions. Love the big tree as centerpiece and I guess it would be the right Christmas table for ever fireman's family.
    Greetings, Johanna

  18. This table is just so whimiscal and creative! So glad I found your wonderful blog! Gonna be a new follower!

  19. So much fun! I love your Christmas light plates. I have the same red coupe plates and they are so versatile! I use them all the time. Wonderful table!

  20. SO ADORABLE...I love the inside scoop in the elves-it answers sooooo many questions~ ;-)

    I so love the christmas lights china and napkins! I had wrapping paper with lights and was so sad when I used up the last of it.

    Too cute!!

  21. OH MY GOODNESS ! The magic of Christmas in a blog !!! Just love it - great job Elves !!!

    thanks for sharing,

  22. So incredibly imaginative and colorful! The bright colors can't help but to capture one's imagination and hold interest! I like the tree as centerpiece (because I like 'em big!), and the elf on the ladder is just too cute!

  23. very creative.. I would never think of this.. I love the china.. and the post was very fun to read.. KUDOS elf and you

  24. Elves are my friends. Mine are a wee bit envious of your dinner table! Hope they'll stay home and do some work around here!! ♥♫

  25. beautiful work.thank you very much for ur lovely comment in my blog.

  26. I so enjoyed your entire post. The story with the tablescape was awesome. The settings are gorgeous - I bet you had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  27. I wish that my tangled strings of lights could look half that cute. Precious tablescape! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  28. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

  29. Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your commentary, you just crack me up!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky


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